Repairing the Estes Ventris (part 1)

Let’s see that damage again.IMG_2749

OK, no problem. This isn’t exactly rocket surgery. Wait.

First order of business: Cut the fin loose from the layer of tube paper that pulled up, and glue that paper layer down.IMG_2750 (Yes, I took the motor out shortly after that photo.) Next, with tape on the fin to give it a bit of protection, I used a snap blade knife to cut off most of the wood glue fillet.IMG_2751 On close examination, it looks like the glue stuck to the wood, not so well to the paper — well, it stuck to the outermost layer, but that’s it.

Anyway, the thing I’m thinking here is: Aside from any questions of the relative merits of wood glue and epoxy in mid power construction, right now what I have here is a fin whose root edge is presumably filled with dried glue. It won’t absorb much new glue, which leads me to think using wood glue for the repair is unlikely to work very well. I’ll go with epoxy.IMG_2752 First, though, I sanded most of the old wood glue off the fin and body tube.IMG_2753 Dry fit.IMG_2754 I then sanded near the root edge for better epoxy adhesion.IMG_2755I also sanded the body tube around the slot. I glued the fin on with 5 minute epoxy.
IMG_2756 Epoxy fillets.IMG_2758And that’s where it is now. It’ll be flyable next weekend. I’d like to get it looking better with some paint before then, but that’s optional.




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