Repairing the Estes Yankee

I’m sure the Yankee lost its nose cone due to boneheadedness on my part. I’d replaced the rubber shock cord with Kevlar, tied to the plastic loop on the nose cone base, and I should have known better. You never do that! Using Kevlar means larger force on the attachment points spread over a smaller area. The plastic loop must have just snapped immediately.

The easiest, quickest way to get a new nose cone was to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a new Yankee kit with a 40% off coupon. The rest of the kit will go into my parts bin… except the streamer; I lost a streamer Saturday (melted in the Caution), so the Yankee streamer will enter service.

For the repair I considered shortening the Kevlar and adding elastic between it and the nose cone, but I wanted to use all Kevlar to leave as much space in the limited size body tube as possible for recovery laundry, and to minimize weight. Duration bird, remember? So still no elastic, but one thing I’ll do is tape a loop or two in the Kevlar before launching. That should help. And, of course, I did not use the nose cone loop.

I didn’t use the bottom piece of the nose cone at all, in fact; just scratched up the inside of the nose cone with a hobby knife, put the knotted end of the Kevlar down into the tip of the noseIMG_2761and poured in a little epoxy. That should do it.


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