Who needs Semroc? OK, we all do, but…

So, I said:

Not so sure about the V-2. I’m not happy about it. The fins are uneven, some of the details are awfully crude; I’m not even feeling good about the shock cord — got some epoxy on the Kevlar, that’s not a good thing. If the kit were still in stock I’d be thinking about buying another one and trying again, but Semroc’s going away and I don’t know of anyone who still carries it. So it’s been on hold and I feel like leaving it on hold, at least for now, and maybe forever.

At the time I was forgetting something I’ve since re-stumbled upon: V-2 Model Rocket Kit (18 mm Version) from ASP (Aerospace Specialty Products). In fact they have V-2 kits in 13, 18, and 24 mm versions. The 24 mm one got a nice review a while back, but the 18 mm one is the same size as Semroc’s — so it can use the decals I bought, and for that matter I might be able to use the nose cone I’ve already added weight to (and not done anything to mess up too badly, I think).

So, yeah, I think I’ll do that. Put the ASP V-2 on my wish list, and abandon the Semroc one. Then exercise a little more care and patience with the ASP build…



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