Building the Aerotech Mustang (part 6)

And done with this one.

I painted the nose cone tip following Chris Michielssen’s procedure (PDF) except that I used a garage door instead of a patio door — our patio door is double glazed so would not have worked as well as our single glazed garage door windows.IMG_2796And I overlooked the advice about angling the pattern to make cutting easier. Still, it only took five or six tries.

Here’s the nose cone masked for the black.IMG_2794

After that, the decals. I used an aluminum angle to lay down a strip of blue tape parallel to the tube, then aligned the body decals along that. I’m not a big fan of peel and stick (who is?) but it went pretty well, using Aerotech’s instructions to dip them in detergent water before applying.IMG_2797

For the fin decals I found I had to trim very close to the edges, particularly the root edges; otherwise the clear part would have to bend over onto the “fillets”, and with that sharp a bend they wouldn’t stick down well.
IMG_2798 Rail buttons went on too.IMG_2799 I clear coated with Pledge. I’m not very happy about the grey paint on the nose cone; it didn’t come out well, and I’m pretty sure that was my fault and not Rustoleum’s. Maybe someday I’ll get ambitious and repaint it. (Hah.) For now, here it is.IMG_2803


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