RockDat! LPR

Edit: You can pretty much ignore the following. RockDat! LPR was announced in posts on YORF and TRF, but the developer evidently never came back to those threads. I posted a bug report in the YORF thread and there was no response. The developer’s web site had no contact information, nor was there any in the app. It turns out there’s an email contact link on the Play Store page but I overlooked it. After a week with no response to my YORF thread post I concluded the developer wasn’t supporting the app and wrote an App Store review saying so. In response the developer wrote:

YORF never sent an email saying I had a response. A contact email listed on every app on the play store. I have had this out for about 2 weeks and the people that have contacted me have almost all been hysterical, entitled or down right rude. You decided to use a bad rating to get my attention. Well you got it. RockDat! has been unpublished.

Moral: If you’re getting into the app business, make it easy for people to request and get support… and expect a certain number of jerks anyway.

It’s unfortunate; I’d really like an app along these lines. A lot of good effort has gone to waste here.

Here’s a new Android app of interest: RockDat! LPR It’s a model rocketry database. You can save your collection of rockets and motors, do basic simulations, get some help choosing motors. The LPR version is for rockets using 24 mm and smaller motors. There’ll be an “HPR” version, they tell us, that’ll in fact cover both low and high power, but it’s not out yet.

RockDat! version 1.0.0 has only been out for 3 days, and as you might imagine there’s some room for improvement. After a few minutes’ use I had a handful of suggested improvements:

1. Allow use of the “back” button.
2. Add Rocketarium and Edmunds models.
3. On “Add to Personal List or Exit” from rocket selection, give 3 options for “Add to your list?”: “Yes”, “No”, or “Resize and add” rather than asking separately whether to resize.
4. Add a “tag” or “category” or “status” or what have you field, with user definable values, which the rocket list can be filtered on. I’d use it to enable adding and keeping separate track of rockets I’ve built, ones I’m building, ones in the build queue, ones in my wish list, and ones that are retired/lost/destroyed.
5. Settings to control units (English vs. metric, or better yet, control over units for each thing, e.g. ft/s or mph or m/s or kph for speed.)

I’m sure I’ll find more. On the other hand, it looks pretty useful as it is. Note that all the data are kept on the device, not in the cloud; you can use the app offline. Which is good, because where there’s a rocket launch, there isn’t always a data signal.

Cost is 99 cents. I’d say it’s worth that, at the very least.



One thought on “RockDat! LPR

  1. I seem to have encountered a bug. I entered 8 rockets of which the 8th was an Estes Mosquito. (All were selected from the Master Rockets DB. Some were then modified, e.g. different weight, added picture.) But the Mosquito does not appear in my rockets list; it says “8 records” but only 7 are shown. If I then try to add a Mosquito again it tells me I can’t because I already have a rocket of that name. So it’s there, but it’s not shown in the list.

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