Mosquito infestation averted

So, you know how I couldn’t decide whether to build my Mega Mosquito stock or bash it into a Fat Boy and ended up buying a second one so I could do both?


I have this problem: C6-3. I bought a couple of motor bulk packs that included six C6-3s each and haven’t used one yet. I don’t have many rockets for which that’s a recommended motor. Fewer that I want to use one in. (For some unfathomable reason the C6-3 is a recommended motor for the Tornado. Uh huh.) So how do I use them up?

I’m not the only person who’s had that problem (warning, TRF, turn on ad block and hold your nose) and I kind of like the suggestion of a Super Big Bertha clone with a 2xC6-3 cluster. Maybe even with an interchangeable motor mount? (Though if it’s clustered, arguably it should be a Super Ranger, but never mind.)

And guess what nose cone the SBB needs? Right. Same as the Mega Mosquito.

So, I figured, I could do the SBB instead of the Fat Boy. Or both. Mega Mo should be on sale again in a little over a month, I thought, maybe I should just buy five of ’em.

Sanity prevailed. I would be using almost nothing from the Mega Mo kit except the nose cone, and that you can get for about five bucks, shipped.

(Wait, here’s another idea: clustered Super Patrioony! NO.)




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