Building The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most (Part 4)

It’s well past time to get back to this project. Not that I did nothing between 13 May and this week. I concluded the 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini was not going to work well with the white LEDs; they need more voltage. So I decided to switch to the 5V Pro Mini. For power I’ll probably use four AAA batteries, which is probably not the smartest choice, but it’s what I have.

But that only exacerbates the problem that the Fat Brown Bottle really was not large enough for the job of holding the electronics and batteries… and I didn’t want to move them back behind the CP!

So the FBB is now replaced with the VB.IMG_2818Which makes for a very lumpy rocket, but it’s supposed to be odd.

Last night and tonight I rebuilt the protoboard circuit and worked on the software. I have an Arduino Uno standing in for the Pro Mini for now (because no jumper headers on the Pro Mini). There are only three sets of four LEDs, instead of the full five sets, but other than that it’s what’ll be used in the rocket. I’m going with the smaller, diffuse LEDs. There is also a Mystery Board about which more … later. It’s a surprise, assuming it works out. Though if you’re really clever you might be able to figure it out from the connections. But no spoilers please!

IMG_2817As for the software, I have a sketch now that’s pretty close, I think, to what’ll be used.

Now I just have to build all this — and a motor mount, and fins, oh and launch lugs (that should be interesting) — into the rocket.



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