Building The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most (Part 7)

Earlier I’d cut some notches around the hole at the bottom of the Pink Bismuth Bottle (PBB) to accommodate the LEDs. Which I realized a couple days ago was highly stupid, because I didn’t consider that there would be wires between the LEDs that would also need clearance. So I decided to just go ahead and take out the whole bottom of the PBB using a cutoff wheel and sanding drum bit in my Dremel. I also drilled a couple holes near the top to feed wires through.

IMG_3034 Speaking of clearance, there’s less than I thought in the top of the Big Blue Bottle (BBB). After connecting the two LED rows with 22 gauge stranded wire and epoxying the assembly to the central tube, I found I had to bend some of the LEDs over to get everything into the BBB. The LED that “floats” over the motor hook is particularly problematic. I think it’ll all go in okay, though. Good thing I didn’t use the larger LEDs. (I coated the top of the hook with epoxy to keep it from shorting anything.)IMG_3035 Next, the fins. I cut three out of basswood. There’s a notch at the bottom of the root edge to clear the epoxy holding the rear LED row down.IMG_3036 I photocopied my medicine boxes and gave them a coat of clear protectant, to prevent smudging while working with them.IMG_3037 Then I used those copies to laminate the fins.IMG_3038 Here’s a dry fit showing how they’ll look attached to the BBB.IMG_3039No, those aren’t the motors for this rocket…



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