Contacting Estes

You may remember in late June I had an Estes E9-6 motor cato. I filed a MESS report and I also contacted Estes.

I didn’t hear anything back from Estes but didn’t think much about it until Dick Stafford reported a problem:

Estes support timeline:

  • I emailed customer support on Sunday.
  • Acknowledgement email received Tuesday.
  • Shipping notice received Friday.
  • Update 2: Two pack of motors received today. Estes made good less than 2 weeks after notification!


I asked Dick what email address he’d used and he said So what address did I use? I looked in my email outbox. Couldn’t find anything!

But I remembered contacting them. Wait, I used a web form, didn’t I? So I looked at the Estes contact page. There’s no web form there, it just says to email them at Weird. Maybe I’m losing my mind? More of it, I mean?

Well, finally it occurred to me to look in the Internet Archive. And what do you know, in late June, the Estes contact page had a web form on it! And apparently it didn’t work, or at least it didn’t result in anything for me, and they’ve gotten rid of it.

Meanwhile, I wrote to and got a response within an hour: they wanted to know what the rocket cost. I responded ($19.50). Moments ago, while I was writing this, they responded “You can select a 30.00-35.00 rocket as a replacement….”

Huh. Okay then!


2 thoughts on “Contacting Estes

  1. It having been over two weeks since I sent Estes my information (I requested a Big Daddy kit) with no further word, I decided today to email them again. Went to my Gmail box and found a newly received message from Estes saying my “order” had been shipped. SPOOKY, GUYS.

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