Building The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most (Part 8)

Time to start putting the airframe together. Here’s the Big Blue Bottle (BBB) dry fit onto the tube. There are notches around the hole in the lid for the wires and shock cord to pass through.IMG_3040 I wasn’t sure how well epoxy was going to hold to the unknown plastic, so I put a centering ring over the end of the tube (after notching it for the hook) and put a glue fillet on it.IMG_3041 Then I went ahead and glued the fins in place, using epoxy.IMG_3042 After gluing the fins and making epoxy fillets, I turned the rocket up and applied epoxy around the centering ring. There’s an empty motor casing in the tube in this photo, not actually part of the rocket.IMG_3047And I’ve soldered up two more rows of LEDs. Next step is to mount those on the tube.




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