Building The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most (Part 10)

The battery holders have the power switch on one side and the access for the batteries on the other, so you need access to both sides. This limits the ways you can mount them.IMG_3055I decided I’d put them against the sides of the VB, with a hole drilled to allow the switches to be flipped without opening the bottle. The other hole is for a screw to hold everything together.IMG_3053The epoxy I used on the centering didn’t stick well to the VB lid; I tried it and CA anyway but no joy. So I used double sticky mounting tape (Scotch Outdoor).IMG_3056The inner lip on the lid needed to be cut away to accommodate the batteries.IMG_3057I went a little overboard (cutting a bit through the outside of the lid on both ends)…

Then I soldered up two more rows of LEDs. This time I used insulated wire across each row, just to minimize chances of shorting on the Arduino.IMG_3058I connected the three column wires from below to the three columns in the VB, and checked that all the LEDs light up when voltage is applied to the corresponding wire pairs. Then I stuck the ULN2803A to the stuffer tube with more mounting tape and soldered the column wires to pins 16–18. (I also stuck the Mystery Board to the tube.)IMG_3060And I gave myself a little burn on the knuckle of my little finger, so decided to stop there.




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