Building The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most (Part 11)

As I predicted, there wasn’t time to finish up the electronics. There was barely time to finish everything but the electronics.

Here’s the “nose cone”. The bottle was a little too large compared to the balsa plug, so I glued a few layers of paper on the plug before epoxying it into the bottle. I glued a hardwood dowel into a hole drilled in the plug and a put screw eye into the dowel. After this photo I added my ersatz prescription label.IMG_3063 Then I put on the launch lugs, and here things went bad, a little. I’d glued the fins through the wall to the stuffer tube, and I’d glued centering rings to the stuffer below the bottom bottle and above the top, because I didn’t want to assume I could glue securely to these unknown plastics. So why did I assume I could glue launch lugs to them? Epoxy held the bottom lug securely to the BBB, but the top lug just fell right off the PBB.

Curses. I considered cutting a slot in the PBB for a through the wall launch lug standoff, but decided to try CA first. That did seem to hold okay — not that I tried very hard to rip it off. Hey, if it falls off at launch, I’ll just claim I built it that way intentionally to cut drag, right? Riiiiiight.IMG_3064 Then I stuck AAA batteries into the battery holders (that’s my nose weight, electronics or no electronics), removed the unconnected Mystery Circuit Board (the Arduino was never in there), put the VB onto its lid and secured it with screws, and stuck the “nose cone” into the stuffer tube, and it’s — for day launch purposes — declared done.IMG_3065Will it fly? Good question. It weighs in at about 280 grams without motor. Looks like it’ll want something like one of these single use Aerotech E15s I bought. (So does the Bad Cholesterol, which has to fly twice for the contest, so I guess I’ll be burning the pack of three.) I don’t have much faith in my OpenRocket model but with that motor it does say the CG is 5.4 inches forward of the CP for what it’s worth.

After tomorrow, if it survives, I’ll decide whether to finish up the electronics or start thinking about a more worthy night flyer for next year.




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