Hi-Flier → Tornado build (part 3) (and a curious box)

Last October I decided to build a Tornado on a Monday night, bought a Hi-Flier to kitbash on Tuesday, threw a coat of white paint on it Friday, and flew it on Saturday.

It’s been waiting ever since for me to finish it up.

I finished it up. Rusto Universal gold paint on the top section, Bondo in some fin dents and Rusto 2X white on the bottom.

The scanned decals on the JimZ site have light blue between the black swooshes, presumably because you can’t print white on a non Alps printer. I didn’t like the blue, though, so I changed it back to white and printed it twice, once on clear decal paper and once on white. I cut the “Tornado” from the clear paper and the swooshes (carefully, right along the edge) from the white, and put those on. It looked pretty good, except that for some unaccountable reason I put them on the side of the rocket with the launch lug. That wouldn’t do, so I did it again and put the second set of decals on the opposite side. Then Pledge for a clear coat.IMG_3085 copyWhile I was messing around with homemade decals, I also made some for this model. No, it doesn’t fly. (Design by Chris McVeigh, http://chrismcveigh.com/cm/building_guides_-_holiday.html. I’ll put the wreath up for Christmas, but it does sit in snow year round.)IMG_3080



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