Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 1)

This was the oldest kit in my build pile, bought just under a year ago back when Shrox was for a brief time selling kits at He switched over to selling plan paks, and you can still get one for the Sea Sting.

As with the Photon Disruptor, I might have started building this last winter if it weren’t for the fact that I want to pre-paint some parts. Masking and painting the scoop fin after assembly is completed would be a problem, and then there’s the inside of the scoop and the outside of the body tube under the scoop. True, much of that will never be seen, but the parts that are visible I think should not look like cardboard.

I vacillate about fin prepping. Sometimes I paper, sometimes I fill and sand. And when I fill and sand, sometimes I do it before cutting out the fins, sometimes after. Of course if you do it before, then you have unfilled edges. But getting all the surfaces done in one go is nice. In this case there are a lot of fin pieces, and some are very narrow or very sharp pointed and might not stand up well to the stresses of individual sanding. I’m trying to rationalize, aren’t I? Anyway, I filled and sanded the balsa sheets before cutting out the fins.

Cutting as in hobby knife and template. Old school.

While waiting for the filler to dry I built the motor mount. It’s very normal, no need for details. Shrox provided an elastic shock cord with a Kevlar leader you’re instructed to tie between the centering rings, but I chose to add a guide straw for removable Kevlar.IMG_3097Meanwhile I’m pressing the balsa sheets flat — they needed a little of that after the filling. I’ll probably take those 15 minutes tomorrow.



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