Building the Estes Photon Disruptor (part 3)

There’s an oddity in the instructions for this model. They go in this order:

  1. Fin preparation
  2. Main fin assembly
  3. Engine mount assembly
  4. Tube marking
  5. Lower body tube assembly
  6. Dorsal fin attachment
  7. Main fin attachment
  8. Upper body tube attachment
  9. Engine mount installation
  10. Launch lug attachment
  11. Nose cone assembly
  12. Shock cord installation
  13. Rocket finishing
  14. Recovery system attachment

You see it?

  1. Engine mount assembly

  1. Engine mount installation

You build the motor mount, you build practically everything else, and then you install the motor mount. Why? Or, for that matter, why not? Not, of course, that I typically adhere strictly to the order in the instructions anyway. Often times step n+1 requires waiting for the glue in step n to dry, and meanwhile I can do step n+2 which is something entirely separate. But this business of installing the motor mount late in the build and six steps after its assembly I found so odd I posted about it on YORF. tbzep made an excellent point:

The [body tube] needs to be perfectly round if you install fins before the [motor mount]. If it has the slightest oval shape, you will end up with crooked fins after installing the [motor mount].
So I installed it. IMG_3111The hook is aligned between the fin lines, as instructed.
Not much progress, I know. But I need to finish the priming and sanding before doing any more assembly.

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