Building the Glencoe Jupiter C (PMC) (part 2)

So when those online writeups refer to warped parts in the Glencoe kit? I guess this is what they mean.collage The lower tank section is just a little out of round, huh?IMG_3128 Yikes. Well, I did my best gluing the halves of the two tank sections and the fin can and the nose cone with rubber bands and finger pressure. I ended up with a few really ugly seams and a couple of solvent fingerprints… but they’re together. So is the 2nd/3rd stage section:IMG_3130 I’m not gluing these sections together yet, but here’s a dry fit of the stack so far.IMG_3131Fins next, and possibly I’ll glue them to the fin can which seems fairly round… or maybe I’ll wait on that until the motor mount is in. Probably the latter, but that won’t be for a few days.




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