Building the Estes Photon Disruptor (part 5)

Next the big fins went on. The Estes guide was useful only as a way of standing the body tube up.IMG_3151

Oh, a bit of advice on these fins, large and small. Pay close attention when gluing them on. Since they’re rectangular it’s really easy to get confused and put them on backwards with the rounded leading edge at the rear. Repeatedly. Or, ah, so I’ve heard. From a friend.

Meanwhile I glued on the launch lug. They say to put it flush with the back end of the front body tube. Then they tell you to mask off the last ¼” of the front body tube for painting. Seriously? I moved the launch lug ¼” forward.IMG_3156 Here’s a dry fit of everything. In another departure from the instructions, I’m not going to glue the two body sections together — not until after I’ve painted them.IMG_3159 Fillets for the big fins. I like how this thing is self supporting for fillet work.IMG_3160


Now, about this nose cone. You remember I said I had no objections to their substituting a plastic nose cone for a balsa one? Still true, but, Lord, Estes, can’t you at least supply a nose cone with a decent shock cord loop?IMG_3161I mean, look at that. Are you serious? I’d say it probably wouldn’t last three flights, but I’m not even sure it’d survive my attempting to open the hole in it. The shock cord would probably have a better chance of staying attached if I Scotch taped it to the nose cone.

I think I can come up with something better. Something worse would be hard.



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