Building the Glencoe Jupiter C (PMC) (part 7)

I’ve been proving to myself how little knowledge and skill I have regarding painting plastic models.

I put on primer and gloss white (Testor’s rattle can enamel), then masked and painted the fins gloss black (Testor’s brush enamel). Actually I did the decals before the fins, for reasons that made sense at the time. There were a few stray black bits I hit with the white paint that came with my practice plastic model kit.

I sawed a little off the front end of the spent casing I’d glued the display nozzle to, so the nozzle will sit closer to the right position.IMG_3179 I used a trifold mount to attach the shock cord to the nose cone shoulder.IMG_3180 Here’s the rocket body, paint drying, on my custom small rockets work stand. Don’t look too carefully. Please.IMG_3181 That last picture was taken Friday night; I didn’t finish in time for a glamor shot before leaving for Saturday’s launch, so here it is on the pad.2014-09-20 11.59.05And if you’re wondering why I didn’t take the glamor shot after the launch, well, read about the launch.




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