Building the Estes Photon Disruptor (part 6)

Here’s the nose cone from the Shrockets Sea Sting, as supplied. IMG_3163It’s another BT-55 though a different shape from the Photon Disruptor’s. You can see Shrox cut off what looks to be a shock cord loop of the same inadequate size as on the other cone, and drilled a second hole so you can attach the shock cord there (running it in one hole and out the other.)

I did the same thing with the Photon Disruptor cone. Then I sanded down the seam — nothing seemed to need filling, fortunately — and roughed up the rest of the surface. Primed it with Krylon plastic primer then Rustoleum filler primer for a consistent undercoat with the body. (Mixing brands, but it worked.)

On the body I sprayed Rusto primer on the fillets, except of course it wasn’t just on the fillets and I ended up pretty much having to sand everywhere. Which wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be and maybe this whole priming before gluing thing was an unneeded complication. I don’t know.

Then I sprayed Rusto 2X gloss white, which wasn’t. Glossy. It was smooth, but satiny. Same stuff on another rocket was glossy, though. My theory is I didn’t wait long enough after wet sanding the primer for it to dry out completely. I also didn’t get as good coverage on the forward tube as I thought I had, so had to apply a second coat, which put to rest any hope of getting the rocket done for the launch on Saturday. Not that I would have launched it, probably, as it turned out. It was disappointing for a few moments, but you know? Finishing it up without a launch coming up and making me want to rush it (even more than I always want to) is a good thing.

Anyway, not very glossy white, but I pressed on. Masked (much more easily thanks to the slightly forward launch lug) and painted Rusto 2X orange as specified. (Solomoriah painted his in a non standard scheme I kind of like, but I ended up deciding to follow the face card scheme.) That came out well.IMG_3188

And now, like the ending of When Harry Met Sally, it’s finally time to put the two together. It’d be embarrassing to get one stuck half in, half out of the other (I’m talking about the rocket again, not… oh, never mind) so I used epoxy, and I very nearly forgot the Kevlar leader tied between the two rings, but remembered before it was too late.IMG_3189

Almost there.


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