Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 4)

Oh, Sea Sting. I’ve done you wrong. But I promise you, I’m gonna change.

First there were the fin parts I glued up backwards — right geometry, wrong grain direction. (It’ll be okay. It’s not like the grain’s perpendicular to the leading edge, just not parallel.)

Then there was the whole business with the scoop tube glassine. (That’ll be okay too, I think. I’ll have to decide whether to use sanding sealer on the raw cardboard surface, or what, but it’s doable.)

Then I primed and painted the scoop fin, only to realize I’d done things in the wrong order. I should have glued the scoop fin to the tube, then primed and painted it, and then continued with the scoop and other parts. Not a catastrophe but not the smartest order.

Then I glued the painted scoop fin on. IMG_3195I made sure it was aligned to my pencil line. I sighted along the tube. Was it off center? Maybe? No. It was fine, centered, perpendicular. The glue dried. I looked again. It was on the line, it was perpendicular… it was off center. My line was wrong. My previous inspection was wrong. My brain is very, very wrong.

So I cut the scoop fin off again… and damaged it.

It’l be okay. Most of the damage isn’t where it’ll be seen, anyway, under the scoop. A little glue, a little sanding, and what’s not hidden by the scoop will be hidden by the fillets. Or so my very, very wrong brain tells me.

I re-drew my line, checked it several times, and glued the fine scoop on again. On center.

From here on, no more mistakes.



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