Johnston Mark II Kickstarter

Sascha Grant’s I Build Rockets blog calls attention to this Kickstarter campaign:

My name is Bryan Friestad, and I am currently a Junior at Johnston Senior High School in Johnston, IA. …

My project will be to build an improved version of the Johnston Mark I Rocket. … The final design of the Johnston Mark II rocket has not yet been decided, but as it stands, the rocket will be approximately 10 feet tall and 3 inches in diameter. … The building of this improved rocket is for a project in a class called ELP, or Extended Learning Program. In this class, the student creates a project proposal and a rubric for the project. … [My teacher] said she thought it was an amazing idea and she pointed me in the direction of Kickstarter. Now, here I am, hoping that with the help of others, I can finally make something that will push the limits of what I thought possible. This project will also hopefully inspire others to go out and try something that they never thought possible before, even if it has nothing to do with rocketry.

The planned rocket will be Blue Tube based, will fly on a Ceseroni P54-3G motor, and will carry an altimeter, beeper, and keychain camera. He’s planning a launch at Indianola, IA, presumably at an ISOAR event. Funding goal is $815; at the moment he has $117 and 28 days to go. There are some rewards but who cares? The main thing is helping this young man with his rocketry dream.

I’m in.



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