Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 5)

I perused the forums looking for ideas on how to prepare a glassine-less tube for painting. I considered sanding sealer but couldn’t talk myself into buying a quart of the stuff when I’d need at best a few tablespoons, for this project at least and I don’t know of anything else I’d use it for. I ruled out Fiberglassing it. I know too little about it and was not about to expend the effort, time, and money needed to round up the supplies, learn the techniques, make the mistakes, and fix the mistakes.

One thing I decided I did want to do: Nothing until I’d glued the scoop in place. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be doing much flexing after whatever treatment I applied. I considered spraying some red to take care of the scoop fin fillets first, and very probably should have, but I decided to glue on the scoop now and deal with the fillets later.IMG_3198After that I went ahead with Option 3, which was to thin Elmer’s white glue with denatured alcohol — I didn’t measure it, just added in enough to get to a fairly paint-like consistency — and spread that on with a foam brush. I sanded with 320 grit once that was dry, Another coat, more sanding, and I was pretty satisfied. The spirals need filling but aside from that, I think the scoop should finish pretty well.




One thought on “Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 5)

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