Repairing the Custom Razor

I began repair on the Custom Razor by feeding the Kevlar shock cord leader back through the motor mount.IMG_3210 It was the elastic that broke, but the remaining bit was too thoroughly cooked to untie, and if I cut off the Kevlar the remainder would have been too short. I suppose I could have knotted a new piece of Kevlar onto the old, or abandoned the leader and just attached new elastic with a trifold mount. But on this rocket, the Kevlar was set up to be removable.

So after I cut off the elastic, I pulled the Kevlar loop off the back end of the motor tube…IMG_3212 … and then pulled the old Kevlar out. Next I fed a new length of Kevlar through the guide straw…IMG_3213 … and tied a loop in the end which I slipped back over the motor tube and tightened up. I marked the other end just behind the forward end of the body tube, then fed it back through the motor mount.IMG_3214 I tied on the new piece of elastic…IMG_3215and fed it through. Tied the other end to the nose cone, made a loop to clip the chute to, and it’s good to go again.



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