Rocketry goals review for September 2014

Here’s how my 2014 rocketry goals are going. Less well on the launch front this month than usual owing to high wind at the club launch. There was also the Barry Park demo, but that didn’t help my big rockets goals.

  1. Fly some larger rockets
    Not this month.
  2. Fly more 24mm BP
    Not this month. I had one in mind, but scrubbed at club launch due to wind. (And not enough space at Barry Park for D+ motors.)
  3. Fly some composite motors
    Not this month. Even without the wind, none of the motors I have matched up with things I really wanted to launch.
  4. Put an entry (however pathetic) into each club launch contest and theme
    Good this month. For certain values of good. Theme this month was scale models and contest was plastic model conversion; I flew the Patriot (scale), Downscale Patriot (scale of a scale), and Jupiter C (scale PMC).
  5. NARTREK Bronze
    Done in July. 
  6. Build almost everything in my (current) build pile (see table below)
    Progress this month. Finished the Photon Disruptor and Tail Burner Habanero; progress on the Sea Sting and MLAS. What’s that? You want an updated graph? Okay:image (3)At the end of 2013 there were 10 rockets in the build pile and 7 in progress (mostly assembled and awaiting painting weather). You can see the build pile (or rather the part of the build pile that’s left over from 2013) is down now to 2, there are 3 in progress, 1 that had been in progress at the end of 2013 has been abandoned, and the remaining 11 are done of which 9 have flown.
  7. Buy too many kits
    Not that many this month. I did get all (I think) the parts I need for a clone of the Estes Ranger.
  8. Fly lots of stuff
    Good this month. Only 4 flights at the club launch, but that’s not bad considering the weather conditions. (Actually maybe it was bad, because it should have been fewer?) And then 8 more at Barry Park to make up for it.
  9. Have fun
    Good this month. Good meeting presentation and enjoyable launches despite wind and brevity at one and recovery problems at the other.

Victories in addition to the above:

  • First plastic model conversion built and flown
  • First launch of all three Patriots at the same event
  • 8 rockets prepped and launched in ~ 30 minutes at Barry Park

2014 builds so far:

Rocket Status as of 30 September 2014 Notes
— In progress as of 1 Jan 2014:
Estes Tornado Flown and done and lost (in that order…)
3D Rocketry Lunar Eclipse Junior Done and flown
(scratch) Bohica’s Dead Ringer Done and flown
FlisKits Caution Done and flown (and destroyed!)
Bob Harrington Mini Satellite Interceptor Done and flown
Starlight Saber Needs painting  1st primer on
Semroc V-2 Abandoned
— In build pile as of 1 Jan 2014:
Quest MLAS Build in progress
Estes D-Region Tomahawk Build pile  For NARTREK Silver?
Estes Mega Mosquito Done and flown
Estes Photon Disruptor Done
Shrockets SeaSting Build in progress Painting parts before gluing.
Semroc Swift Boost Glider Done and flown For Gliders contest (July).
Estes Mosquito Done and flown
Hot Rod (Tail Burner) Habanero Done
Aerotech Mustang Done and flown
Estes Xarconian Cruiser Build pile
— Acquired or plan to acquire in 2014:
Estes Yankee Needs painting For NARTREK Bronze. Has flown. Color paint on but needs some redoing.
(scratch) Bad Cholesterol Done and flown including payload section and 2nd egg capsule For Dual D Eggloft Duration contest (June, rescheduled from May) and TARC Rules contest (August).
(scratch) The Rocket Doctors Recommend Most Done and flown (LED electronics incomplete) For Oddrocs theme and night launch (August).
Glencoe Jupiter-C Done and flown For Plastic Model Conversion contest (September).
(scratch) Micro Fat Boy Build pile Kitbash from Mosquito #2 kit.
Estes (clone) Fat Boy Build pile Kitbash from Mega Mosquito #2 kit. (24 mm motor mount, not 28 mm.)
Estes Ventris Done and flown
Estes Big Daddy Build pile Estes warranty replacement for cato damaged Lunar Eclipse Jr.
Estes (clone) Ranger Build pile For NARTREK Silver.

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