Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 6)

The scoop in mid glue treatment:IMG_3199 I filled the spirals with thinned CWF and sanded down.IMG_3222Amid some further follies regarding alignment I decided the strake fin had been too wonkily cut and sanded to be permitted to live, so I made a new one. Glued that on, and the dowel, and the rudder fin. Things are not lined up perfectly (actually the scoop fin is a bit off). I need to improve at this. It’ll be okay though. I was able to use the Estes fin guide for the rudder.IMG_3220And that’s almost it for assembly. Needs some fillets on these last pieces, and a launch lug couldn’t hurt. Forecast isn’t looking good for painting after tomorrow, though, and it’s getting to the time of year when any good painting day may be the last until April or so. Might have to put it aside and go back to the MLAS there, or, if I’m really desperate, I could clean up my work area.

[Edit: Oops. I see the launch lug was supposed to go alongside the middle of the scoop fin, before the scoop was glued on. I missed that. So much for no more mistakes.]


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