The launch season that was

Last night the Syracuse Rocket Club web site was updated to say today’s launch was on. But it was raining when I got up. It hasn’t been raining all day, but on and off enough to keep things wet. It’s been gloomy and a bit breezy, too; so maybe someone showed up to launch something, but — for the first time since early last year — I chose to sit this one out.

Which makes three weather-impacted club launches this year. May was canceled. September wasn’t, but really it was too windy and I went home early.

And despite all that… I had more than twice as many flights this year as last; 60 vs. 27. Of course going to NYPower and URRF, not to mention that Barry Park demo, helped.

As for total impulse, this year beat last year by more than a factor of 5: 751 vs. 140 Ns.

Motors used:

Estes 1/4A3-3T 3
Estes 1/2A3-2T 4
Estes 1/2A6-2 2
Estes A8-3 6
Estes B4-4 3
Estes B6-0 1
Estes B6-2 2
Estes B6-4 12
Estes C6-3 3
Estes C6-5 9
Aerotech D10-5W 2
Estes D12-3 2
Estes E9-6 5
Aerotech E15-4W 3
CTI 41F36-11 1
CTI 51F36-14 1
Aerotech F42-8T 1
Aerotech F50-6T 1

I did enter the contests and themes of all the club launches I went to, except the dual deploy theme. Didn’t win any contests, though.

(I haven’t necessarily flown my last rocket of the year. There’s still Walt’s Secret Santa. But for the most part, the season’s over.)



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