Building the Quest MLAS (part 3)

So I filled the fins, in place, using thinned Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler, and yeah, I didn’t like it.

But why not? I do usually do the CWF and sanding before gluing the fins on, but then I do the filler primer and sanding after. So what’s wrong with doing both after?

Maybe the real reason I didn’t like it was this particular rocket: Eight relatively wide (root to tip) and skinny (leading to trailing) fins — feeling relatively flimsy — spaced 45° apart (the top four offset between the bottom four) and with two of them only 22.5° away from the launch lug. Awkward. I probably won’t like sanding the primer either. Though that’s not why I’m thinking I’ll go light on the primer this time; it’s because I’m trying to build light here.

Anyway, that’s done. There are further steps I could do now, building the nose cone/Orion boilerplate, but I’m not going to; not now. Reason is I want to keep the bottom of the foam cone exposed until I have paint in hand, to test foam safety, and it’s sort of necessary at this point to glue on the shoulder and bulkhead which will obstruct that. When I started this I thought there was hope of getting everything done and painted this fall, but barring an extended period of unusually good weather, painting will not happen until spring. I’m going to put this aside until then.



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