Today was the day of Walt’s [Hobby Town] Secret Santa event. I showed up around 8:30 am with a laptop and monitor to run a rocketry slide show on, and four of my medium power rockets… figuring that other club members would have the low power end covered pretty thoroughly. Turns out there were fewer low power rockets than I expected, but plenty of stands for them, so I returned home to grab some of mine and put them up. They included the retired Retro Rebel (which, unnoticed by me until now, also had a broken fin as well as a broken shock cord). I have to remember to bring that every year; it attracts attention.2014-11-22 12.30.47

I also remedied the fact that on the first trip I did bring an extension cord, but no power strip and no duct tape (to hold the cord down). Not that there was no duct tape in sight, but you know.

There were four drawings for, I think they said, $3000 worth of prizes. I didn’t win any of them.2014-11-22 10.55.25

Everything in the store was 20% off, though, so I didn’t come home empty handed. I bought some Estes tubes and a belated birthday present to myself.2014-11-22 11.40.26

I had along a couple of small rockets I wouldn’t have objected to launching, but there were enough other suitable rockets — a bunch of Alphas and Big Berthas done up with the rocket club name and logo, which were handed out to kids after we launched them, plus a few belonging to other club members, which were not. Rain came in during the afternoon and that put an end to launching. I think only one rocket landed on Walt’s roof.

A number of people stopped at our table for some nice conversations, some of whom we can hope will come to a club launch next year.


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