Building the Estes D-Region Tomahawk (part 4)

Okay, back to the shadows again. Following some discussion on YORF I decided to try gluing the scale lug using Tenax 7R again, first wiping down with alcohol, then brushing on generous amounts of cement. After pressing it in place and holding it a while I wrapped a rubber band around it. Seems to have worked. The joint’s a little messy but not bad.IMG_3253 So I went ahead and put the fins on, again using 7R. They seem pretty solid.IMG_3254 Then I glued the forward body tube on — using glue inside the body tube, not on the outside of the coupler as the instructions would have you do it. I put the nose cone on top for a view of almost the whole stack.IMG_3256 I left off the nose cone tip. Sue me. Speaking of which, that’s the only thing left to glue up; but it gets painted a contrasting color, so I’m going to leave it off until painting time. It and the other remaining parts are stashed away in a plastic container, and just for insurance the nose cone tip’s inside a pill bottle inside the container. Remind me of that next spring, okay?IMG_3258For now I can fill the body tube joint, and fill some spots in the spirals that didn’t get enough filler before. That’ll be it for now.



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