Repair time II

I thought the Test to Destruction popped a fin at the root. Turns out the fin broke in two near the root edge. What can I say, I built it to survive flight and recovery, not small children.

I was surprised to discover I could peel the paper lamination cleanly off most of the fin’s surface.


The places where it stuck best were around the edges (more so on the other side than the side pictured), presumably due to the CA I used there. Primarily I’d used spray adhesive to stick the paper down. I think the only papered fins I’ve done after the TtD (Patrioony was done about the same time) are the Rocket Doctors Recommend Most, and on that I used glue stick. In a quick and very unscientific test I just did, glue stick did a better job.

Anyway, the TtD now has a new fin, papered using glue stick. You can’t even tell which is the replacement, can you?


Once the fillets dry I’ll put this aside until painting weather. That’s all the repairs for now. Back to building!



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