Repair time

Before proceeding with the Xarconian Cruiser I decided to take care of some repairs.

The Retro Rebel is retired, but has a future as a display model. It draws attention. Needed the broken fin reglued, though. The shock cord’s broken, too, but I haven’t bothered with that.

The Downscale Patriot just needed a new streamer. I made one out of the same crepe paper as the old one.IMG_3266

I did a partial repair of the Jupiter C, gluing the 2nd/3rd stage back on. I might be able to replace the 4th stage/satellite with a suitable piece of dowel, but only if I can get the stub of the original out. I actually didn’t glue it in, it was just friction fit — but it’s a tight fit and it broke off practically flush, so getting that stub out is a problem.

On the Mini Satellite Interceptor I reglued the fin that had popped loose, cleaned out what was left of the old thrust ring, and glued in a new thrust ring. This one’s coated with glue which I hope will improve its longevity, and the Kevlar shock cord instead of being tied through the thrust ring is glued to the outside of it.

I’m also fixing a broken fin on the Test to Destruction, but that repair’s still under way.


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