Estes has some rocket bundles on sale — drawn from the same set of kits they put on sale every holiday weekend; no, you’re still not getting a deal on the Mega Der Red Max, but:

Those are all cheaper than the individual rockets at sale prices — the Leviathan, Ventris, Partizon, and Argent are $26.99 each, for instance — and way below non-sale prices. I didn’t see mention on the front page but it looks like they’re still giving free shipping on $29.99 and above orders.


2 thoughts on “Cheaprocs

  1. Another 4 mid-power rockets on the way to the house…free shipping and $20 per. Great deal even if I don’t need them. Think about what $20 will get you at Walt’s

  2. I bought several of these on Black Friday – three of the four PSII rockets (these will be the biggest I’ll have built so far), plus a few Skill Level 1 kits. I re-bought two of the Cosmic Explorer. I enjoyed the build, and it’s my favorite flyer in my fleet, and I’d like to bash the kit to take a D or E motor.

    THEN, Estes went and put out those bundles… So I bought eight more rockets – including all four PSII rockets in the bundle. Which means I have two each of the Leviathan, Ventris, and Partizon. I think I have to stop now, or I’ll run out of room.

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