Building the Estes Xarconian Cruiser (part 4)

No, I haven’t forgotten I’m building this.

Christmas is past and I have this week off, so I’m getting back to it, though. Not much to say about it. Before this week I’d gone ahead and glued up the main pieces of all four fins. On one, the top fin, two of the pieces did not match up well.IMG_3273

After gluing that one up I trimmed the root edge with a knife. Then I rounded the exposed edges on all the fins, gave them another coat of wood filler, and sanded them down. The long thin sections of the fins are fragile, or more to the point, the joints are. I misjudged the torque I was applying and snapped two of the joints. Reglued and tried again more carefully. I glued together the two small transverse fin pieces, and cut and glued on the dowel pieces.

IMG_3275So they’re about ready to glue on.

I also built the motor mount. To remind you, I’m saving the supplied 18 mm mount for another rocket and installing a 24 mm one. Here’s my first opportunity to use the Kapton tape. I punched holes in the centering rings for the motor hook clearance and Kevlar feed through.


So, yeah, it’s a motor mount.


No sweat. Well, aside from nearly super gluing an empty D motor casing inside it, but aside from that, no sweat.



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