2015 themes and contests

One of my 2015 rocketry goals is:

Put an entry (however pathetic) into at least four club launch contests and four club launch themes

Nothing like buying a pig in a poke: I didn’t know what the contests and themes for this year would be at the time. I do now:

Month Theme Contest
 May Scratch-built rockets B streamer spot landing
June Cluster rockets ½A cluster duration (3-motor cluster)
 July Gliders A glider duration
 August Odd-rocs A helicopter duration
 September Scale models Sport scale
 October Multi-stage rockets Random duration (duration will be set by roll of die at start of launch)

Well, now, look how nicely that lines up with NARTREK Silver. I’ve done my payload flight. I need a glider flight, and July is gliders. I need a scale model, and September is scale models. And I need a cluster flight, and June is clusters!

The one fly in that ointment is I was planning to fly a Ranger clone for my cluster flight, but a Ranger won’t exactly get lost in the stratosphere on 3x½A. Just for giggles I tried putting ½As in a Ranger in OpenRocket. I think it claimed it’d get an altitude of 67 feet. Um, no.

In fact, I wondered, are there any current kits that’ll fly on 3x½A? Having Googled for answers I’ve come up with one — from QCR; I should have known. Their #270 Cluster: “1/2A, A Cluster (3 engines), (3) 13mm tubes, 4 fins, streamer, (3) nose cone, 12 gram Wt.” For twelve bucks. It got a lousy review in 2004 though. Quality could have improved since then but I see no other reviews. So maybe a scratch build or kitbash would be best for this contest.

Presumably the DRT would be suitable for the sport scale contest. I have rockets I could use for the streamer duration, glider duration, and random duration. I had one I could use for helicopter duration but it got lost. So to enter all the contests I’d have to build two new rockets not in the present in progress/build pile.

As for the themes, I’m covered using present fleet and in progress/build pile birds. I’d like to have a different odd-roc for this year, but I don’t need to.

All right. I could skip both the cluster and helicopter contests and still meet my 4 contest goal, but that would kind of defeat the goal’s purpose of pushing my learning and experience. I should do at least one of them. I’m looking at the Rose-a-Roc from FlisKits or the Gyro Chaser from Apogee, and for the cluster… maybe a scratch build.



One thought on “2015 themes and contests

  1. A rather major “D’OH” here: The QCR 270 Cluster is designed for cluster altitude. The SRC contest is cluster duration! Which needs a very different design.

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