What’s Up

I may not have mentioned this here yet — pretty sure I haven’t — anyway, I’ve taken on the job of editor for the Syracuse Rocket Club’s newsletter, What’s Up. Published my first issue this week.

I’ve noticed a few clubs (among the, apparently, minority that do newsletters these days) regard the newsletter as a member privilege; if outsiders can view it online at all, it’s only back issues and not current ones. I don’t understand the rationale for that. My thinking is that our newsletter is very much for outsiders as well as members: a way of showing off what we’re doing. What’s the benefit of keeping it from the rest of the world? I don’t think we have anything to hide.

Anyway, all this is to say, if you’re interested, you too can read it. The PDF is available from the newsletters page of the SRC website. (Some of it may look familiar, though. Needing to summarize the past year, some of the material I recycled from this blog.)


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