Building the Estes Xarconian Cruiser (part 8)

I didn’t intend to take this long a break from building. Maybe I’m subliminally slightly intimidated by this kit. Or maybe it’s just too cold to spend time in the basement.

Anyway, here’s progress. Intake tubes sanded and glued on.IMG_3293

One oddity I’d noticed, the bottom fin is just slightly shorter than the wings. I could have trimmed the wings before gluing them but decided not to. The intakes match the length of the bottom fin but the wings extend just a little further forward.

Then I cut out the pods.IMG_3294Probably not the finest pod cutting job of all time but it’s good. IMG_3295I applied some CA to the ends and will be cleaning them up with some sanding later. The “super thin” CA is somewhere between medium and thick now. I should pick up a new bottle.



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