On YORF, Sheryl McLawhorn writes:

I am happy to announce that Semroc now has a new owner. I am sure most of you know Randy Boadway of erockets. We have known him since the beginning of Semroc. He wants to keep the quality of service and parts Semroc is known for so Bruce and I will be helping him get it up and running again. Please give Randy the kindness, patience, and understanding you have given us through the years. We will truly miss each and every one of you.



3 thoughts on “OUTSTANDING!

  1. Oh, thank goodness! This whole Semroc thing happened just as I was getting into rocketry. I’d seen one of their rockets online – the Laser X – and thought, what a cool rocket! I bookmarked it in my “wish list” folder, and a few days later, it was gone.

    Then I found out about all the unfortunate circumstances.

    Not that the Laser X will necessarily return. But at least those of us who are new to rocketry will get a chance to play with some Semroc stuff.

    (Quest started running out of motors and igniters around the same time I started as well… I was starting to think I’d gotten involved in rocketry just moments too late!)

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