Building the Estes Xarconian Cruiser (part 12)

Chris Michielssen says the CG of the Xarconian Cruiser, with a C6 motor installed in the stock 18 mm mount, is about 7½” from the rear edge of the tail cone. I put a D12 in my 24 mm mount and found I’d need about half an ounce of nose weight to bring the CG to that point. Which is what Michielssen found too.

I put some Gorilla Glue into the nose cone, dropped some lead BBs into water and then into more glue and added them to the nose cone, then squirted a little more glue on top. All of which would have been easier if the Gorilla Glue hadn’t, like the thin CA, started thickening on me. Ah, GG. I get a bottle and use a small fraction of it, and the rest gets tossed out because it goes bad. This bottle I tried keeping upside down with the air squeezed out, but I’m not at all sure it helped.

I scraped down the mold seam on the nose cone, cut out the plastic inside the shock cord loop, and roughened the surface with some fine sandpaper.
IMG_3307 Then I filled the joints and seams on the outboard pods with CWF and sanded them. I also noticed the fillets along the intake tubes were decidedly rough looking, so applied a second layer of No-Run No-Drip. When that dried there were still a couple of bubble voids; can you believe it? I can’t. Not with NRND, that doesn’t happen; I must have imagined them. I filled the imaginary pits with some Bondo spot filler, tied the elastic shock cord to the Kevlar leader, and took a picture.IMG_3309

I weighed it with the parachute, no motor: 138 grams (4.9 ounces). Hm. Michielssen’s was 4.85 oz after painting. Estes claims 3.7 oz! That’s without the 0.5 oz nose weight of course.

OK, we’re done until painting weather, when the real fun starts. #notreally


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