Building the Estes (clone) Ranger (part 8)

I addressed the damaged fin paper the same way I did the de-glassined tubing on the Sea Sting, painting it with white glue thinned with denatured alcohol, then sanding. Seems good. Ideally I probably should do a second application, and maybe I will, but for now I’m moving on.IMG_3351 I stuck in three C6s. Here’s the motor retention in action.IMG_3347 Experimentation pretty well agreed with simulation: To get the CG where I wanted it, at the middle of the launch lug, it’d need about 5 grams of nose weight. Seven lead BBs and a dowel plug came to about the right amount, and hey, look, there’s already a hole drilled in the nose cone. In went the BBs, the dowel, and some glue.

It’s a deep hole.IMG_3345 That’s that. Ready for finishing if we ever stop having –27°F wind chill days.IMG_3350


3 thoughts on “Building the Estes (clone) Ranger (part 8)

    • Me too. Can’t remember where I first saw that style, though I know the Syracuse club’s most noted cluster fanatic has done some similarly.

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