TRF for sale?

More about TRF. No editorializing this time, I promise. Or not much.

I discovered something interesting about The Rocketry Forum’s owner. If you poke around TRF it’s hard to find any indication who owns it other than a guy named Austin who posts as “admin”. “Austin”, though — if that’s even a real person — is the public face of Group Builder, Inc. which as of a year ago listed on its web site about 42 online forums or other sites it had acquired and monetized via ads and membership upgrades: “Group Builder actively acquires quality UGC/media websites and mobile applications in the rural living, outdoor, aviation, home/garden and food/drink verticals. If you are interested in selling your website or mobile application please contact us.”

As I’ve just become aware, by May of last year they were listing only a few “Featured Properties” on their site. And then as of 1 Jan 2015 their site became a minimalist 1-pager simply stating:

As of January 2015, Group Builder has moved to limited operations after the 2012 sale of our automotive vertical to VerticalScope and the 2014 sale of our agriculture, sports, firearm, hunting and fishing verticals to Carbon Media.

Thank you to all the visitors and advertisers who helped Group Builder be successful over the years.

Looks like they’re cashing out!

What about TRF? Nothing’s been said, but it’d be my guess they’re looking to sell it too, along with the other remaining forums. Who knows whose hands it’ll end up in, if so?

(Probably not a rocketeer’s.)



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