Building the Squirrel Works Callisto (part 2)

The next steps have not been very photogenic, but progress in little dribs and drabs over the past several days has occurred.IMG_3587As promised there was one more thing done with the motor mount: I added a (pink) Kevlar leader guide straw.

I filled the spirals on the body tubes. Twice. The first time my CWF was too thin, unless it was too thick, or I applied it wrong, or sanded it wrong, or, well, something. (Really, I think it was too thin.) I applied thin CA to the ends too.

I cut the fins loose and rounded the leading edges. The balsa struck me as being really soft. I gave momentary consideration to cutting new ones from stiffer wood but decided instead to paper the ones I had. This time I did the CA thing before final paper trimming, which I think I’ll continue to do in the future. If for no other reason than that it makes the wood edges more evident, so you can trim close without carving chunks out of the wood. Theoretically. I did lose a couple splinters, but that’s just me not paying enough attention. Then I sanded the tip and trailing edges.

Looking for #2 washers and nuts, I went to see if the nearby Radio Shack was still in business.

2015-02-24 09.54.27It was, barely. They also had stock, barely. Mostly they had shelves, bare (with “sold” stickers on most of them). Not getting #2 hardware here. There’s one Radio Shack in our area staying open, on the other side of town where I don’t get to often these days, but I’ll have legitimate reason to be over there sometime before launch season starts (which, if current weather trends are any guide, will be sometime in August. Did I mention –30°F wind chill yet?)



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