Building the Squirrel Works Callisto (part 4)

I added a glue fillet around the motor mount. Then while that was drying I cut out the cardstock nozzle. I chose to leave off the glue tab, and instead cut a separate glue tab. .


(I made it less than the full width of the nozzle for reasons which turned out to be dumb.) Doing it this way gave me a butt joint instead of an overlap, which I’ll be able to fill and smooth later.

I cut an 18 mm circle, with triangular glue tabs and a hole punched in the center.IMG_3596

That was my first one, which turned out to be too small, so I did another one. Then I glued it into the top of the nozzle. I’m not sure there’s anything to be gained by using the provided reinforcing ring, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I probably should have filed a notch in it to accommodate the glue tab, but I didn’t.IMG_3597

I took my bike to the bike shop for a tuneup about a month or so earlier than planned, because they were having a maintenance sale. Said bike shop is across town, and you can practically stand at its front door and throw rocks at Radio Shack. Which was tempting, but instead I went in and bought some nuts and washers.2015-02-28 15.18.03 A lot more nuts and washers than I’ll ever need, I assume. Back home I used one of each to secure the nozzle to the threaded rod. For flight, of course, the nozzle comes off, and the same nut and washer — or different ones, if I drop the first ones and lose them, which seems likely — retain the motors.2015-02-28 15.43.08

And that’s all I’m doing on this until better weather arrives.2015-02-28 15.26.54


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