Building the Estes Big Daddy

“Building”? Slight exaggeration there, but “Taking Out Of the Bag and Thinking About How to Do It” doesn’t fit in the title so well.

I’ve been trying to decide what to build next. I tried to talk myself into the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc but I lost the argument. Myself was in the mood for something simpler at the moment. Myself was getting psyched to build the Excelsior Honest Goon, but then we decided to postpone that because… well, if it’s a good idea, you’ll hear about it later.

So, almost by default, we, that is, I ended up unbagging the Estes Big Daddy.IMG_3598

This will be my second fattest rocket so far (but not for long). The MLAS still has it beat. In the little bag:IMG_3600 And in the big:IMG_3601Nothing particularly startling here. The decals are crimped on one corner but fortunately not a crucial corner. And I’m not sure I’ll use them. I’m not that enthusiastic about them — also, you notice they give you only enough decals for two (out of eight) fin sides and one (out of four) fin can quadrants? Lame! Anyway, I’m still very much up in the air on how I’ll paint and decal this thing.

Speaking of ignoring the instructions…

The rubber band you can take as given that I won’t use. Probably not the parachute either. The launch lug, sure; I don’t see a need to go with rail buttons on this.

Motor mount. First question, I guess, is, redshift to 29 mm? I kind of doubt I’d ever want to fly this on a G, let alone an H, so I don’t think 29 mm is too compelling. Besides, I’d have to cut new centering rings or at least widen the holes in the stock ones, and trim down the fin tabs… and myself wants simple, remember?

But I can see myself flying this on an F. Aerotech has some 24 x 70 and 24 x 95 24 x 90 single use Fs that would fit the stock mount. (And reloads, but then I’d need the hardware.) Ceseroni’s 24 mm F reloads are all 2- and 3-grain, though… and this is a short rocket. A 3-grain case would extend too close to the bottom of the nose cone for the parachute’s comfort. I guess theoretically I could cut off the base of the nose cone and pack the chute in it. Or I could keep it simple. Stick with Aerotech if I want to fly an F.

Which means I can put the thrust ring in, and not have to worry about using a tape thrust ring on black powder motors.

And — do I? — yes, I do have a 24 mm Estes retainer. I will use it. So no hook, either. (I need to buy a couple more retainers, though. Want one on the Fat Boy.)

Stock fins should be fine, maybe papered for strength. I’ll think about it. Anything else to decide? Not now, I’m pretty sure. Okay. I’ll start soon.

[Edit 12 Mar 2015: Corrected Aerotech dimensions]


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