Building the Estes Big Daddy (part 3)

I did some more work on the Big Daddy last Saturday, then woke up on Sunday with a nasty cold. I slept a lot the next couple days, finally got back to the work table on Wednesday night.

I stacked the fins, marked the tabs ⅛” from the rear end,


and cut that last ⅛” off. I also cut off the front corner of each tab to allow clearance for the centering ring fillet and Kevlar.

Rounded the non-root edges and filled the fin surfaces with thinned CWF. Sanded. Filled again, sanded again.

I opened up the secondary spiral on the body tube and filled the spirals with CWF. Sanded some more. Filled again. Sanded some more.

When I’d had as much filling and sanding as I could stand, I dry fit the bottom centering ring, with this piece cut from a scrap of cardstock under it.

IMG_3611 IMG_3612Then, using epoxy at the forward end only, I glued the motor mount in place. Next I dry fit the fins.

The slots were just a little more snug than I liked so I shaved off a little with a hobby knife. Then I took each fin out, applied yellow glue to the root and forward edges of the fin tab, and and put the fin back.

Once I’d glued all four fins, I pulled on the tabs of the cardstock piece to get the rear centering ring off. At this point I could see one of the fins was just a little off perpendicular… and I have some plans for something to help to avoid that in the future, but more about that another time. I dribbled yellow glue to make internal fillets.

IMG_3614Then I glued the rear centering ring on. Next, external fillets (hmm, need more No-Run, No-Drip. And soon.) and launch lug.

And that’s where it is now.


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