Building the Estes Big Daddy (part 4)


After gluing that launch lug I remembered reading about someone who’d been having trouble with erratic launches of his Big Daddy until he added a second lug. I decided to do that preemptively, so I cut a short piece of lug and glued it near the rocket’s base.

As I said, one of the fins went on a little out of perpendicular. One also was a little misaligned front to back. Sloppy of me. I was in too much of a hurry after missing several building days. (So what? There’s no deadline. I should know better.)

Then again, that’s not this rocket’s most serious defect. I hadn’t noticed at first, but the nose cone is quite out of round. Maybe you can see it in this photo, a little flattening around 12 to 1 o’clock:IMG_3616 But you definitely can see it when the nose is in the body tube:. Pretty bad. Bad enough that I’d be complaining to Estes, if I’d actually paid money for this kit. Since Estes gave it to me for nothing, though, I can’t bring myself to do so. It’s just going to be generally a wonky rocket, and if it flies okay, it flies okay, and if it doesn’t, oh well.

Besides the out of round there were more typical high and low spots along the nose cone seam, and a small shallow gouge. I scraped down the excess plastic on the seam with a hobby knife, filled the low spots with Bondo spot putty, and sanded the whole thing.IMG_3619I’m saving mounting the motor retainer until after I’ve painted. So that’s as far as I’ll go with this kit for now.




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