Building the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc (Part 2)

I took a few minutes out of an otherwise busy Saturday to get started on this build. Following the instructions closely for a change of pace, I started by cutting out the rotors:IMG_3668 Those square pieces aren’t scrap; they get used later. Next I laid out the Monokote — taping it down, because it really wanted to curl up — and marked the cuts with a fine point Sharpie.

IMG_3669The kit came with enough Monokote for a spare piece if one gets messed up, plus a little more. Which was good, because I figured practicing before doing the real thing would be a good idea. I got out some scrap balsa, a piece of wax paper, a cloth, and my Monokote iron.

IMG_3670Whaddaya mean that’s not a Monokote iron? Dammit, I paid three bucks for it.

(Figuring using the one we use on clothing might not be the best idea, if anything went wrong.)

Anyway, nothing went wrong. Thrift store iron worked fine. Medium heat, wax paper, boom. Practice pieces done. Boom. Real pieces done.

IMG_3671The second one got a little off center on me, but I can live with it.

Then I got back to my busy Saturday, dealing with stuff that has some impact on my basement rocket building. I think the situation’s under control…




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