Building the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc (Part 3)

Okay, so it’s been about two and a half weeks since Part 2. So what have I been doing on this kit?

Not a lot. But some, a few minutes here and there.

Next step, say the instructions, is to airfoil the rotors. Airfoiling is not something I have much practice with… and these rotors are long, narrow, and thin. Hm.

To keep them from flexing too much, not to mention breaking too much, I used a piece of removable double stick tape to attach a rotor to a ruler.IMG_3672 I applied a light coat of medium CA to the trailing edge, then colored the edge with a Sharpie.IMG_3673 That enabled me to better see what I was doing on the sharp edge. I rounded the leading edge, sanded the trailing edge down to a thin (not too thin) line, and, well, sort of tapered the surface in between. It’s not much of an airfoil, frankly.

Next thing is to slice the rotors in half. Or actually not, because you don’t want to cut into the Monokote. So you just score a line, cutting partway into the wood, and then break the two halves apart. It sounds trickier than it is.IMG_3702 The infamous next step is gluing the rotor actuators: ½” lengths of elastic. The fun part is, they have to be glued while stretched. I’ve done one of the rotors so far. I used medium CA to glue down one end of each actuator. Then I clamped the rotor to the bench. I put down a drop of CA and used a dental pick to stretch the elastic and hold it in place while the CA set.IMG_3704This appears to have worked, although I haven’t worked up the nerve to unclamp the first rotor yet.




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