A Semroc order

Look what I got: Semroc parts!


I ordered these on April 14 (Tuesday), they arrived Saturday the 18th in good order. Welcome back, Semroc!

Unfortunately there were a few problems.

I ordered two #7 to #16 centering rings, and you maybe can see in the picture one baggie is labeled “CR 716 x 2”. And it contains… six pairs of #7 to #16 centering rings, total of twelve. For what I have in mind I just need two, and I’ll probably never use up the other 10.

That’s a problem I can live with.

A little more seriously, both the #7 to #16 and the #7 to #115 centering rings are very loose on the 5.25″ #7 tube. I can’t find my calipers at the moment, so it’s hard to measure accurately, but I’m pretty sure the #7 tube is the correct diameter. The centering ring holes need to be smaller. Well, I can work around that.

What I can’t work around is the 30″ tube — it’s supposed to be a #115, and it’s not. Pretty sure it’s a #125. There’s a 3 mm diameter difference, but it might as well be a mile.

Well, businesses make mistakes sometimes, especially businesses that are just ramping up new product lines. Nothing to get upset over. Question is, how does that business deal with its mistakes?

I emailed eRockets the day the package arrived. I didn’t see a response as of the following Wednesday so I emailed again. This time I got a response along with a copy of a previous email in response to my first one; I can’t account for my not having seen it — it wasn’t in my spam folder or my trash. They acknowledged the errors, promised to send a replacement tube, and said they checked the centering rings, confirmed the problem, and revised their laser cutter files to improve the sizing of the holes.

A new box arrived on April 28:IMG_3748

Not only the correct #115 tube, but six new #7 to #115 centering rings and… six new #7 to #16 centering rings. I still need only two! I checked the fit on the #7 tube (and inside the #115 tube) — it’s fine.

Okay then. I’m glad I wasn’t in a hurry to use these, but they made good, and more than good with the extra CRs. Thanks, eRockets!

So what are these parts for? Well, I had this idea… a great idea, I think… whether I can pull it off is a good question. You’ll see. Eventually…



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