Everything but rockets

The first Syracuse Rocket Club launch of 2015 is in six days!

It’s a little too early to be particularly confident of the forecast but if it’s right the weather should be great.

Be nice if some of these winter rockets were done, wouldn’t it?

We had some fine painting weather this past week. And I didn’t. Paint.

I ripped out the shelves and (such as it was) flooring in the pantry and put in replacements. Still some work left to do on that, though it’s nearly done. I replaced the switch in the bedroom light fixture. Again. I mowed the lawn… belatedly. (Just in time, it’s raining.) I put away the snow shovels… probably not too soon. I staked some apple trees. I got some exercise. I took my kid to piano and the dentist and to get a haircut.

And to the rocket club meeting.

And I glued a launch lug, and a broken fin (on a rocket I haven’t flown yet, sheesh).

That’s it for recent rocket work. The Rose-a-Roc’s been waiting, waiting, waiting. (I don’t need it until August; it can keep waiting.) There’s a Saber, a Sea Sting, an MLAS, a Xarconian Cruiser, a D-Region Tomahawk, a Ranger, a Callisto, an Honest Goon, and a Big Daddy all needing paint.

None of ’em will be finished by Saturday. The Saber’s in primer but I haven’t decided on finish colors. The Sea Sting’s in primer but needs a fancier paint job than I can pull off in the time remaining. Most of the others probably need more time than I have too. The Honest Goon might be possible… if weather continued favorable (it isn’t at the moment) and if I were going to be here all week.

I’m out of town part of this week.

I do have two rockets finished that haven’t flown: the Tail Burner Habanero and the Photon Disruptor I painted last fall. (And the Yankee I painted last fall, too, but that one’s flown naked.) I’d like to launch them Saturday. There’s a B Streamer Spot Landing contest for which I’m thinking of using the Bohica’s Dead Ringer — that’ll fit the scratch builds theme of the launch too — and there’s that Ceseroni 108G57 I’ve been wanting to stick into the Ventris.

But by about noon I need to be at the Middle Ages Brewing Company where the Binghamton Morris Men, Thornden Morris, and the B. F. Harridans will be starting a day of dance in Syracuse ending up at Clark’s Ale House. So that may be more flights than I’ll have time for.

Oh well. Maybe the weather will be good a week later too… and I’ll have lots of time to fly at NYPower.

Mostly older rockets, though.


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