Building the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc (Part 4)

And another long delay. I don’t need to finish this thing before August… and at this rate, I won’t. Well, been busy with other things. I wish I’d been busy painting rockets, but no. Too much other stuff going on until this week, thunderstorms yesterday, wind today… not going to get anything painted before NYPower.

Anyway. I made the wire hinges a while back. You need three, and you get enough wire for five, which is good, because when you go to cut off the first one and forget to hold onto the piece you’re cutting off and it goes SPROING and disappears until AD 4397 when it gets uncovered by an archaeologist who wonders what kind of idiot was responsible for it, you still have enough for three and a spare.

IMG_3706 Tonight all I did was to glue the hinges to the rotors, using the balsa scraps cut off before, and to make the motor tube and glue it to the body dowel.IMG_3755I figure you can check back in July to see the next step.




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